Life-Changing Consequences

The results of motorcycle accidents can be permanent. The rider must be hyper vigilant to ensure their survival.

The ability to avoid dangerous situations is of utmost importance. Spotting danger early is imperative.

Fear No Danger

Identify Hazards

Manage Risk

Evade Danger

Eliminate Close Calls

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Learn to manage the dangers of riding with motorcycle safety grounded in science.

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Prioritize mental and physical skills for rapid growth in all areas of motorcycle riding.

your brain

Harness the power of the human mind to master the art of riding motorbikes.

Be informed going into all situations. Watch the above video to learn more about the Moto Instincts program!

Motorcyclists account for 28% of motor vehicle fatalities worldwide.  Ensure you stay part of the 72%, with The A.P.E. Risk Management System.  Watch the above video to learn more!

Ride With Confidence


Protect your passion with risk management excellence.


Ensure accident free riding for seasons to come.


Race the rain.
Ride the wind.
Chase the sunset.


Unlock the secrets to safe and thrilling motorcycle adventures!

Reach the apex of motorcycle operation.