Moto Instincts

About Us


While navigating the early stages of riding, the inexperienced motorcyclist is vulnerable to dangerous lessons resulting from close calls or actual accidents. The aftermath of motorcycle accidents can be life-altering and permanent, making the blind navigation of the development process a very unwise practice.

We envision a world where riders are aware of hazards before threatening situations occur, not after. We want motorcyclists to learn things the easy way.

We are creating safer roads for motorcyclists worldwide by making cost-effective education available to all riders.  When you learn to ride smart, you have learned to ride safe.

What we focus on


We produce cutting-edge motorcycle lessons for maximum depth of learning. Our approach is derived from the root causes of motorcycle accidents. Being built from the ground up, our systems are battle-tested and ready to conquer danger.


One of the most special parts about riding is joining the exclusive motorcycle community.  The journey of each rider is unique.  No matter what path you find yourself on, we all have a passion for riding deep inside us.  We work hard to create strong support networks to bring riders together and spread motorcycle knowledge far and wide.


Ease of access to and affordability of motorcycle education is essential to protect the riding community as a whole.  Our simplified online platform gives motorcyclists a convenient and cheap way to prepare for public riding.

A message from the creator

Almost 20 years ago, I had aced my motorcycle safety course and government prerequisites giving me a fresh license in hand.  I was ready to conquer the world, or so I thought.

Within the first 5 years of riding I experienced a couple close calls and one actual accident which resulted in a dislocated thumb and fractured wrist.  I learned the painful way that despite taking the standard precautions, I was oblivious to certain dangers in my environment.  I created Moto Instincts because I want riders to be properly equipped to handle threats that are largely ignored with conventional training.  It troubles me deeply that the sport I love so much takes the lives of my fellow riders year after year.

Many of the strategies contained within Moto Instincts are a direct result of dangerous situations I have personally experienced or witnessed. I would like to thank the Motorcycle Gods for keeping myself and my loved ones mostly free from harm when mistakes were made, motorcycles were crashed, and death was cheated. I dedicate this course to all of the riders who weren’t so lucky. Ride in paradise (RIP).