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Moto Instincts is an in-depth education course that teaches riders how to identify hazards, manage risk, and evade danger while riding their motorcycle.  Be sure to check out the Introduction, curriculum, and FAQ’s to learn more.

6 reviews for Moto Instincts Bundle

  1. C. Piechuta (verified owner)

    Moto Instincts is the only comprehensive motorcycle safety training course currently available online. It combines the physics and psychology of motorcycle riding with extensive strategies on minimizing risk and increasing confidence. The text is accompanied by photos, diagrams, charts, videos and quizzes to ensure understanding of the concepts.
    Moto Instincts is a MUST for all beginner and intermediate riders!

    C. Piechuta
    Winnipeg, MB.

  2. Anna M

    This course offers extremely comprehensive and professional instruction. As a rider with high safety standards, I appreciate the amount of new information I was able to attain from this course. The APE risk management system is easy to understand and this course is a must have for new riders!
    Anna M
    Fort Mcmurray

  3. Tony

    An in depth and comprehensive dive into the world of motorcycle safety. Incredibly valuable information for the beginner and intermediate riders alike.
    Toronto, Ontario

  4. Denis Ouellette

    I avoided motorcycles for most of my life because I loved speed way too much and always felt that a motorcycle was likely going to be a short path to injury or death for me. So, finding this course was extremely helpful for changing my mentality and providing me with better ways to use my mind and ride with confidence and safety. I took the course before sitting on a bike and I’m glad that I did, because I learned a lot of elements to put my focus on and when they happened I already had a mindset in place. The course uses a lot of photos, videos and visuals that stayed in my head. This was huge for me and made the difference for everything from parking lot skills, slow riding, stopping/starting, to the higher speeds of highways and multi-lane traffic. This course literally gave me the confidence to ride 7000km in the first summer of having my license. I’ve seen a few other courses and programs and I believe this course offers more information to every level of riding from beginner to seasoned rider.
    Dennis Ouellette
    Costa Rica

  5. ryll.ent

    An abundance of unique content with step by step breakdowns of all aspects of riding a motorcycle. The lessons in this course introduced my mind to concepts of riding that I might have otherwise have had to learn the hard way. Would definitely recommend it to all new riders looking to build a strong foundation of riding theory before taking a hands on course or their riding test.
    Derek Ryll
    Edmonton Alberta

  6. Richard Galczynski

    Your training material was outstanding! Your knowledge of the subject matter was evident, and you delivered the material in a way that was engaging and easy to follow. Your use of real-world riding examples helped us better understand the concepts. A must for any new and seasoned rider.
    Toronto, ON

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