CH1 – Mentality Hazards


Chapter 1 is all about how the motorcyclist needs to think and act.  The 13 Deadly Risks of Riding directly cause motorcycle accidents.  Each deadly risk is turned into a powerful psychology lesson to ensure you will stay one step ahead of hazards.  As we hone the senses to danger, proactive measures will be implemented using The 13 Alive Arrive Mindsets. Each mindset is designed specifically to counteract one of the root causes of motorcycle crashes.


Mentality Hazards is all about mindset and habits.  The way that you think and act has the biggest influence on your ability to ride safely.  Learn which thoughts and actions causes motorcycle accidents and how to steer clear of these dangers with the 13 Arrive Alive Mindsets.

  • 17 Lessons – 3 hours
  • Motorcycle psychology
  • Root causes of motorcycle accidents
  • Live-saving mindsets and habits
  • Beginner motorcycles
  • Crash clips
  • Mentality Hazards Test


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