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Moto Instincts is a 7 chapter education program unlike anything the riding community has seen.  It is the first motorcycle course aimed specifically at teaching riders how to identify and manage motorcycle risk. Motorcycle riding is broken down into 7 main categories and woven together with psychology, physics, biology, and risk management.  Graduates of Moto Instincts will be pursuing peak rider performance, while maximizing safety as they do so.

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Moto Instincts is built around the A.P.E. Risk Management System which was designed specifically for motorcycle safety.  The A.P.E. acronym stands for:  Analyze, Plan, Execute.  These three components create the A.P.E. Barrier, a protective psychological shield around the motorcyclist that keeps a buffer between you and the hazards that are ever present on two wheels. Click the image to learn more!

Moto Instincts is a deep dive into what being a motorcycle rider is.  It teaches how to think like a proactive motorcyclist, how riders interact with their environment, how to identify and manage risk, and how to develop strong muscle memory as fast as possible.  From rider psychology, to motorist theory, from motorcycle physics, to motorcycle hazards, all useful information a rider could use is covered. 

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Local courses train the body.  Moto Instincts trains the mind.  In-person courses will teach you how to ride a motorcycle whereas  Moto Instincts will teach you how to manage risk while riding your motorcycle.   Moto Instincts is designed as an informational guide that riders can reference as they progress through each stage of motorcycle mastery. 

The course will not cover: general driving law or regulation, basic motorcycle controls and functions, manual transmission operation, specific apparel or tire selection, advanced motorcycle manoeuvres, how to perform maintenance, or stunting/racing technique.

There is some great content on the internet and Youtube.  The problem is that one guide does not build off of the other.  On top of potentially incomplete or incorrect information, lessons jump from one topic to the next which will create a scattered understanding of motorcycle safety.  With Moto Instincts, the lesson plan is linear and is designed to be as constructive as possible.  Not only do you get all the information, all in one place, lessons build off of each other strategically.  This ensures a deep understanding of how to navigate all the threats that a motorcyclist will face.

By creating a login, you will be given free access to the introduction.  The introductory chapter lays out the concepts that drive the entire course as well as a sample lesson from each chapter. This will give you a good feel for the course structure as well as the quality of information that will be presented to you. 
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They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks.  That is not the case with motorcyclists!  While Moto Instincts is aimed primarily at new and intermediate riders, even seasoned riders will come out with a fresh look on riding with new tricks up their sleeve. 

YES!  Moto Instincts plans to release 3 bonus chapters and is always improving lesson design and delivery for the student.  All course updates will be provided free of charge for those who purchase Moto Instincts.  Information on future projects can be found on the curriculum page.
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Moto Instincts will be released strictly as an online program with future plans to grow into an actual school.  The course will be available on desktop (recommended), tablet, and mobile applications. 

Moto Instincts stands behind its product and has a 7 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the quality of Moto Instincts, or do not find the lessons informative, reach out to our customer service team within 1 weeks for a full refund (-$10 processing fee).

No.  Moto Instincts is not currently affiliated with motorcycle training facilities or government licensing.  The course is designed to guide the development of the new rider with a fresh motorcycle license in hand. 

Moto Instincts' chapters contain literary lessons reinforced with: pictures, human physiology/psychology, motorist behaviour, overhead diagrams, video analysis, GoPro breakdowns, and tests.  Moto Instincts is an extensive education program which is represented visually with the Hazard Hierarchy.  Each layer in the diagram represents a category of hazards the motorcyclist can encounter while riding a motorcycle.  Moto Instincts begins at the bottom (Mentality Hazards) and progresses up with each chapter.  As the student advances through each chapter they will become intimately aware of a type of threat that can be encountered while riding a motorcycle.